portraitsmallThere is something new and strange brewing in Seattle.

It’s a calling that never ends: Anita Arora’s passion for the arts found her exploring far beyond her early roots in classical dance and stage into fine arts, eventually leading to a degree in Music Industry Management. Having spent a whirlwind childhood calling two continents home, it was then that she decided it was time to re-escape her birthplace of London and return Stateside where she’s been firmly rooted ever since.

Being a sociology junkie and fan of the obscure, Anita has always been attracted to the academic yet extremely human nature of scientific studies. In particular, as they relate to the more extreme inner workings of the human mind and body both as they connect to society and in themselves as a dynamic, mysterious machine.

Overwhelmed by a drive to translate the world and examine the profound connections that never cease to plague her, Anita found three-dimensional art to work in ways that other mediums simply could not. It is through these means that Anita finds great satisfaction in creating unconventional, one-of-a-kind shadow box pieces. She claims this is derived from a healthy obsession with human anatomy, antique medical texts, found objects and a hyper-analytical mind.

Welcome to Morbid Anatomy.

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